Austria23,90 €
Belgium21,60 €
Bulgaria39,90 €
Spain24,90 €
Holland21,60 €
Croatia39,90 €
Ireland24,90 €
Italy24,90 €
Luxembourg23,90 €
Poland14,40 €
Portugal39,90 €
France24,90 €
Romania39,90 €
Germany21,60 €
Slovakia21,60 €
Slovenia24,90 €
Denmark23,90 €
Czech21,60 €
Hungary23,90 €


Other terms:

  • The maximum size of the parcel 60cm x 60cm x 120cm.
  • Maximum parcel weight 30 kg.
  • The ordered goods are handed over only to the person indicated in the order, upon presentation of an identity document. 
  • When the ordered goods exceed the dimensions of 60cm x 60cm x 120cm or the weight 30kg,up to 20 EUR will be added, depending on the size or weight of the shipment. Additional payments will be sent separately, if necessary, specified in the order by e-mail after your order assembly .