Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



1.1. The ordering terms shall apply to purchase and sale agreements (hereinafter 'the agreement') concluded between the person ordering goods from the online store iParts-Original (oeparts24.com) (hereinafter ‘the buyer’) and OÜ iParts-Original (hereinafter 'the Seller')
1.2. In addition to these terms, legal relationships formed when making product purchases in the 
iParts-Original OÜ online store shall also be regulated by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.
iParts-Original is entitled to change and amend these terms and conditions. Changes and amendments to the terms and price list will be notified via the website oeparts24.com. Changes and amendments to the terms and price list will take effect upon the publication of the corresponding amendment or change via the website oeparts24.com. If the buyer has placed their order before the amendments to the terms came into force, the legal relationship between the buyer and iParts-Original OÜ shall be subject to the terms and conditions valid at the time of placing the order, unless otherwise provided by law or these terms and conditions.
1.4. By signing an order and making a payment at the 
iParts-Original OÜ online store, the buyer confirms that they have read and accepted the terms of sale.



2.1. You do not have to register as a user to make purchases at iParts-Original OÜ online store. It is sufficient to fill in the form with the necessary data for sending the goods.
2.2. Customer's shopping cart is created from the moment the buyer has clicked the 'Add to Cart' link.
2.3. You can change the number of products in the shopping cart. You can also change the number of products. Confirm the change by clicking the button 'Update'. To continue the order finalisation click 'Next'. You will be redirected to the customer data webpage.
2.4. On the customer data page, enter the required information and click 'Continue'. You will be directed to the delivery and payment method selection and order confirmation page
2.5. Be careful when filling in the fields on the customer data and order confirmation webpages, as the prompt and trouble-free delivery of the purchased products depends on the accuracy and correctness of this information.
2.6. Once the delivery method and address have been entered and the order has been paid for, the buyer will see an invoice for the order in the Order History section. A copy of the invoice will automatically be sent to the email address that was entered in the order.
2.7. The sales contract is deemed to have been concluded (entry into force of the agreement) upon receipt of the invoice amount due to the 
iParts-Original OÜ bank account.
2.8. Product photos at 
iParts-Original OÜ online store are illustrative and may differ from actual products.



3.1. All prices are in (SEK) and include VAT of 20%.
3.2. The price of the products purchased by the buyer is supplemented by a fee for the delivery, the amount of which is indicated in the order, according to the chosen delivery method. The amount is reflected in the Shopping Cart and also in the invoice / order confirmation sent to the buyer. The buyer will always see the delivery price before paying the invoice.
3.3 The cost of delivery is automatically calculated on the assumption that one order is for a single address. If the buyer wants to deliver goods to different addresses, different orders must be made.
3.4. To make a payment, select the preferred form of payment on the Order Finalisation page. You can pay for the products: *via the bank link Paysera.After placing your order, click on the desired bank link that will direct you to the selected online bank: Swedbank, Skandia, Danske Bank, Nordea, SEB, Handelsbanken, Länsförsäkringar. Enter your user ID and passwords and log in to the online bank. After logging in to the internet bank, you will see a pre-completed payment order with the amount to be paid for the products purchased from oeparts24.com. After making a payment with a bank link, be sure to click the 'Return to Merchant' button.
3.5. Execution of the order begins after receipt of the payment due to the bank account of 



4.1. After entry into force of the agreement in accordance with clause 2.8 of the terms, the products arriving at the iParts-Original OÜ warehouse shall be delivered to the address given by the buyer within the period indicated in the order.
4.2. The buyer chooses the preferred delivery method at the Order Finalisation page. Products with invoice and other product documentation will be delivered by the courier company to the buyer's address within the delivery period indicated in the order confirmation. On the day of receipt of the goods, the courier will contact the buyer and agree on the time of delivery. The goods are assembled and prepared for the buyer after receipt of the payment. After processing the order, our representative will contact the buyer by phone or e-mail and let them know when the buyer can pick up the goods.
4.3. In the event where it is not possible to deliver the products on time, in circumstances for which 
iParts-Original OÜ is not responsible, we will notify the buyer by phone or e-mail, as indicated in the order. within 2 (two) working days after the agreement enters into force in accordance with clause 2.8 of the terms, and we will also inform about the delivery deadline of the product ordered. In case you decide not to continue with the purchase due to the longer delivery time, you have the right to cancel the order and the amount paid (including the cost of delivery) will be refunded. In order to cancel the order, the buyer must inform iParts-Original OÜ about this by email or phone. The prepayment paid by the buyer will be refunded within 7 (seven) days after submission of the respective application by the buyer.iParts-Original OÜ is not obliged to compensate for damage that may result from cancellation of the order.
4.4. Please check the correctness of your contact details when ordering to avoid delays and misunderstandings when delivering products.
iParts-Original OÜ and the courier company shall not be liable for any delay in the delivery of the products and any misunderstandings caused by the delay or misunderstanding due to inaccuracy or incorrectness of the information provided by the buyer during the placing of the order.
iParts-Original OÜ delivers the goods to the address indicated in the order. The buyer is obliged to immediately inform iParts-Original OÜ about the change of destination address before the delivery of the goods. Late notice of the change of destination address may result in additional costs for the buyer.
4.6 The products are handed over to the buyer on the basis of a delivery note upon presentation of an identity document. Before accepting the goods and signing the delivery note, 
iParts-Original OÜ recommends reviewing the product. In case of visible damage, iParts-Original OÜ recommends not to accept the goods. By signing the delivery note, the buyer confirms that at the moment of delivery the package was intact or that they are satisfied with the condition of the packaging (the goods are not damaged).



5.1. The right to cancel an order does not apply because goods are ordered to meet the buyer's personal needs or special conditions.Goods are specifically ordered to the buyer from the factory or from external suppliers.
5.2. In case of cancellation of the order . We will return the money for the returned product to the buyer's bank account no later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the receipt of the notice of withdrawal, provided that the buyer has returned the goods within the same period.
iParts-Original OÜ will bear the cost of returning the goods if the goods are with damages that could not be detected at the external inspection and which have not occurred at the opening of the package or if the goods do not correspond to the product ordered by the buyer (i.e a wrong product). If the product is damaged, iParts-Original OÜ is obliged to replace the product as soon as possible. In case the buyer decides not to continue with the purchase due to the longer delivery time, the buyer has the right to cancel the order and the amount paid by the buyer (including the cost of transportation) will be refunded. The money is returned to the buyer's bank account within 7 (seven) working days.
5.4.Returns can be processed only based on enquiry to our suppliers. Returns policy may differ depending on spare part kind and supplier. Client may also be charged a penalty.
5.5. The returned product must be complete (including all items included in the product packaging). Packaging of the returnable goods must be intact and clean. If the returned product (product packaging) has deteriorated and this deterioration is caused by circumstances beyond the control of 
iParts-Original OÜ, e.g. as a result of improper use, alteration, incorrect assembly or disassembly of the product, or due to fault or neglect of the buyer, iParts-Original OÜ reserves the right to offset the reduction in the value of the product paid by the buyer and returned to the buyer. If the buyer does not agree with the decrease in the value indicated in the offsetting, they have the right to use an independent expert assessment to determine whether the returned product is impaired or to identify the person responsible for the situation. Expenses related to the expertise are divided between iParts-Original OÜ and the buyer, except in the case whereby one party's position proves to be unfounded. In this case, all costs related to the expertise will be paid by the party whose position proved to be unfounded.
iParts-Original OÜ reserves the right to cancel the order if the purchase amount has not been received within 3 (three) days after the order has been placed.
5.8. If the ordered product is out of stock and the buyer does not agree with the replacement product offered by 
iParts-Original OÜ, the buyer has the right to cancel the order. Purchase amount (including the delivery cost) will be returned to the buyer's bank account within 7 (seven) working days after receiving the relevant application.
5.9. Upon return, the purchase invoice for the goods and the guarantee voucher provided by the manufacturer with the completed data must be provided, if required.
iParts-Original OÜ reserves the right to refuse to execute an order if, in circumstances beyond its control, performance of the order becomes impossible or difficult.iParts-Original OÜ immediately informs the buyer of the cancellation of the order by phone or email. At the request of the buyer, iParts-Original OÜ is obliged to give reasons for the cancellation in writing. In case of cancellation of the order, iParts-Original OÜ is obliged to return the amount paid for the goods to the buyer within 3 three) working days. In the event of cancellation of the order, iParts-Original OÜ shall not be liable for any damage to the buyer or any third party.
iParts-Original OÜ will only reimburse the costs of the return if the spare part does not correspond to the ordered item (does not correspond to the description or has defects) (§194(4) of the Law of Obligation Act).iParts-Original OÜ does not return the money for the cost of delivery or return.



6.1. Every item sold is covered by a manufacturer's warranty in case it was placed in authorized car service center and has a manufacturing defect.

Please find below what our warranty does not cover:

  • damage caused by incorrect fitting or negligent use;

  • normal wear and tear of parts;

  • part failure because of mechanical damage, for instance car accident or after hitting a pothole etc.;

  • any damage caused by the use of unapproved fuel (fuel system related parts);

For every warranty case we create a warranty request and initiate a manufacturer's review.

6.2. The warranty applies only to goods sold by 
iParts-Original OÜ. The warranty period begins when the product is delivered by iParts-Original OÜ to the consumer. The warranty applies to the first user of the product. Replacing the product or part does not extend the initial warranty period.
6.3. In the case of a defective factory product, the buyer has the right to demand a replacement product. The buyer has the right to demand a refund if the replacement cannot be carried out within a reasonable period in the absence of a replacement product. (LOA, chapter 11, § 222 (1)). In case of returning a non-compliant product, the amount paid for the product (together with the delivery cost) will be transferred to the bank account indicated by the buyer no later than 14 (fourteen) days after the receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the order and the wish to return the product.
6.4. If a product defect occurs, the buyer undertakes to notify 
iParts-Original OÜ of the problem by email to info@allpart.eu. The warranty application must include the following: - Defective product: - Date of purchase, invoice number: - Date of commissioning of the product: - Kilometres/hours used: - Location of use (car/device make, year of manufacturing, registration number): - The exact cause of the error and an explanation (such imprecise explanations as 'broken, not working, etc.' will not be accepted): - Name and contact phone of the person providing additional information: - Reason for return, order number and the buyer’s bank account: This application must be sent no later than 2 (two) weeks after the defect has been detected. In the event of failure to comply with this term without good reason, the buyer shall lose the right to demand a replacement product from iParts-Original OÜ. Upon return, the purchase invoice for the goods and the guarantee voucher provided by the manufacturer with the completed data must be provided, if required.
iParts-Original OÜ is not responsible for the following: * Buyer's fault for product deterioration/damage: * For defects caused by inappropriate use of the product: * Damage caused by the fault or neglect of the buyer: * Normal wear and tear of the product during normal use.
6.6. We can only carry out the warranty procedure for the original electric parts dismantled from the car on the basis of the diagnostics of the car dealerships.
6.7. There is no warranty for electrical components if: * Electrical components were not installed by a specialized company * The component is installed in a workshop where there were no suitable tools * The component is installed by a person who does not have the appropriate qualification.
iParts-Original OÜ does not reimburse any additional costs incurred by replacing the goods during the warranty period (transport, postage, replacement and dismantling od spare parts, etc.).
iParts-Original OÜ has the right to disassemble the defective product in order to identify the defect.
6.10. Warranty examinations are generally carried out at the expense of 
iParts-Original OÜ.iParts-Original OÜ is required to make an expert assessment or, if necessary, to order an independent expert to determine the causes of the defect If, as a result of the expertise, it becomes apparent that the defect is due to the fault of the buyer and the buyer does not agree with it, the buyer shall have the right to request independent expertise. If the result of an independent assessment proves that the detail is in order, the defect is not covered by the warranty or the defect has been caused by the fault of the buyer, the cost of this independent expertise shall be covered by the buyer.
6.11. A defective product that has been refunded will not be returned. If the defective product is not covered by the warranty, 
iParts-Original OÜ has the right to destroy the product after 30 (thirty) days if the claimant does not require the return of the product.
6.12. In addition to the rights arising from the warranty, the buyer has other rights under the law.



7.1. iParts-Original OÜ and the buyer shall be liable to each other for any damage caused through the breach of these terms in the cases and extent provided by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.
iParts-Original OÜ does not compensate for moral damage and unused opportunities that may be caused by changing the delivery times, prices and other terms and conditions to the buyer under these terms and conditions.
7.3. The buyer is responsible for all transactions made using his username and password at 
iParts-Original OÜ website.
iParts-Original OÜ shall not be liable for any damage or delay in delivery of the product caused to the buyer if this has been caused by the fact that iParts-Original OÜ was unable to influence and of which occurrence iParts-Original OÜ did not anticipate and could not foresee (force majeure).



8.1. All personal information of the buyer that has become known during the purchase shall be treated as confidential information. Data communications channels with banks are encrypted to ensure the security of the buyer’s personal data and bank details. iParts-Original OÜ does not have access to them.
8.2. Issues not resolved in these terms and conditions shall be governed by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.
​8.3. Any disputes arising between the buyer and 
iParts-Original OÜ in connection with the ordering and purchasing of products via the online store shall be resolved by negotiation. If the agreement is not reached, the buyer has the right to apply to the Consumer Protection Board or to the court for the protection of their rights. Dispute resolution is based on the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.